The information technology advancements of the 21st century are driving the convergence of law, policy, and ethics regarding the controversial meaning and value of privacy. Exponentially growing data capture and retention capabilities are outpacing laws and policies concerning individual rights to privacy and risk crossing ethical lines.

Like the Praetors of ancient Rome who were tasked with assessing matters of importance to the Republic and taking action, seeks to be an authoritative resource for individuals and small businesses who value privacy in the age of big data. will only promote and feature articles on products and services it has judged as respecting individual privacy rights.

Praetor (Latin):

[in Rome] a praetor, magistrate charged with the administration of justice (first appointed B.C. 367, from the patricians; plebeians became eligible after B.C. 338; after B.C. 264 two were chosen each year, one with jurisdiction over citizens, the other over strangers)

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