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“Most of us, most of the time, live in blissful ignorance of what a small elite, heroic group of Americans are doing for us night and day. All over the globe, American Sailors are doing something very dangerous. Somewhere around the world, young men and women are landing Naval aircraft on the pitching decks of aircraft carriers, living on the edge of danger so the rest of us need not think about, let alone experience, danger.”


-George Will

I. USS Gerald R. Ford transits Strait of Gibraltar on way home from long deployment


II. Crypto firms introduce risk assessments and finance tests in response to strict new rules in UK


III. Is This ‘AI Pin’ About to Replace Your Smartphone?


IV. 23andMe Blames User “Negligence” for Data Breach


V. Israel-Hamas war: IDF strikes Hezbollah, rocket barrage launched from Gaza



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