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“The Hezbollah is a very complex phenomenon, now they are in the cabinet of course, two ministers, and the Parliament. And, of course, they have a lot of popularity in the Shi’ite community. At the same time, they are fighting of course, they have the military means, they fight in Syria, they are present in Iraq, they are present in Yemen, they are present in Bahrain, maybe in the United States. They create a kind of huge pressure on all the Lebanese political class. Our position as Lebanese forces is very clear on this. Regardless how popular Hezbollah is, regardless how powerful Hezbollah is there is only one way to strengthen this country called Lebanon, is the national pact, which is a double pact between citizens, like in every country, that rely upon the state, that protects everyone and second, between communities. They are powerful, they are willing, they are popular, and they are wrong. That simple. And we just cannot accept [Hezbollah] no matter what the cost is.”


-Pierre Bouassi

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