What is collaboration tool software?

Collaboration tools are applications designed with the purpose of enabling people to work together efficiently and securely across audio, video, text, and data transfer channels. 

Some reasons for using collaboration tools may be focused solely on a specific channel such as text messaging or video, for example. 

Whether for business use with colleagues or personal use with friends and family, if you’re in the market for a specific collaboration tool or uncertain why you need one in the age of COVID19, then continue reading.

No matter the reasons for using collaboration tools one thing is certain, the world as a whole is now seeing the value of staying connected when physical interaction is limited or outright banned as the global pandemic has revealed in such an abrupt and paradigm shifting way. 

The 5 best reasons for using collaboration tools below will help you identify the main benefits of online collaboration tools and provide ideas of how you may use them for business and for personal use. 

I. Increased security and privacy

There is no doubt, sensitive information is traversing the internet constantly. If you listen to the news even a little, there are too numerous reports to count highlighting data breaches and data compromises from the mishandling of sensitive data.

These compromises can be as simple as an email being accidentally sent to the wrong person or more nefarious acts of not properly encrypted data being intercepted. 

Most people do not pay attention to the fact that email communication is inherently insecure. Simply sending emails with sensitive information or attachments is like sending a postcard through the mail with your medical history and tax ID number written on it. 

For those reasons it is of paramount importance that only the best collaboration tools are selected to ensure your privacy and the privacy of those whom data you handle. 

Collaborating from an encrypted and centralized location with only authorized individuals can protect sensitive information. 

II. Travel cost savings

Even before the COVID19 pandemic spread across the globe many businesses and individuals were looking for ways to collaborate remotely in an effort to reduce expensive travel and lodging costs. The COVID19 pandemic has brought a lot of attention to the very important role collaboration tools have across the world. 

Eventually when the world fully reopens from the global shutdown, traveling both for work and for fun will resume. When it comes to business travel for meetings, adding up the cost of transport, lodging, and dining out can prove to be very expensive.

Corporations and small businesses alike have valid proof of concept regarding the widespread success and acceptance of empowering remote workforces. The cost savings alone are one of the many reasons for using collaboration tools, now and into the future.

III. Reduction in the number of collaboration software tools used

Selecting the right collaboration tool for the job can mean the difference between more time spent on progress towards profitable goals or wasted time spent troubleshooting issues and dealing with data compromises. 

A great collaboration tool will allow for the secure centralized use of many applications from one place, instead of having to sign-in to multiple different applications during a session.

IV. Collaboration in real-time

Simple emails may have been fine in the past, especially when they can be followed up in-person by walking over to a colleagues desk or office. With remote working arrangements quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception, the lack of physical interaction is another one of the many reasons for using collaboration tools. 

In this case, collaborating in real time with the right tool allows for audio, video, text, and document sharing among many individuals at one time. This real-time centralzied approach can prove much more productive than tracking document updates via email and provide instant feedback. 

V. Increase productivity

Aside from being the next best thing to in-person interaction under global lockdown orders, a boon to productivity is another one of the many reasons for using collaboration tools. 

Increased productivity is inherently fostered by excellent collaboration tools. They allow only authorized individuals access to all the information they need in one place. Cutting down on time spent searching for documents can add up to a lot of time saved.       

5 Best Reasons For Using Collaboration Tools

Various factors need to be considered before selecting collaboration tools and implementing them. In this post you just read about the 5 best reasons for using them. 

Here are the top NETPRAETOR recommended collaboration tools, each earning a coveted NETPRAETOR thumbs up and broken down by best use case.

Apple users:

FaceTime & iMessage

Cross platform use with friends and family:


Most comprehensive business collaboration:

Microsoft Teams

Most secure collaboration with end to end encryption: 


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