How to edit Apple Watch privacy settings

With the Holiday season and 2019 quickly coming to a close, many people may be starting the new year and new decade with a shiny new Apple Watch Series 5. These useful little devices are essentially an extension of the iPhone’s they get paired to.

They also have their own apple watch privacy settings.

Like their iPhone siblings, the Apple Watche shares similar strengths and weaknesses concerning how effective they are at protecting data privacy and ensuring data security. The main weakness of the Apple Watch Series 5 ultimately lies with the owner and how they configure it, and maintain it.

Learn how to protect your data privacy and data security with while wearing an Apple Watch by using the most effective privacy settings.

A recent Forbes magazine article gives some good tips on how to secure a new Apple Watch Series 5 by configuring the apple watch privacy settings for maximum privacy and security.

Check it out using the link below.

Happy New Year!

Got An Apple Watch 5? How To Secure It In Three Simple Steps

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